Result R&D

Major Functions of Energy Water
  • (1) Anti-cancer effect
  • (2) Toxic relief
  • (3) Anti-aging effect through anti-oxidation
  • (4) The effect of oxygen free radical extinction
  • (5) Plant Growth Promotion
  • (6) Cell proliferation and hair growth effect
  • (7) Disease prevention through homeostasis
  • (8) Activation of immune system
  • (9) Promotion of would recovery (Cell activation)
  • (10) Increase probiotic (Microorganism)
  • (11) better emulsification and equalize cluster
Anti-oxidation / Anti-aging effects of Energy Water

Plant cells cultivated by Energy Water are more delayed than plant cells cultivation by bottled or tap water

The effect of E/W on relief from Alcohol toxicity

Range of 17O NMR Line

O ℃4℃37 ℃

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Plant Germination promotion of Energy Water (Rice)

Plant germination promotion of energy water is over 30% faster than tap or spring water