Energy Celgen Water Concentrate

Characteristics and functions of the product

When normal water is supplied with inorganic matters and exposed to electromagnetic waves, molecular structure of the water has changed similar to the water of body fluid in normal cells. It is named “Energy Water” Controlling ion balance of the body fluid.
Stimulating and activating the cell to return to normalcy
Stimulating the regrowth of cell
Improving the function of organisms and materials, and stabilizing
Functional water

Supplied Calcium peptide and salt(“Energy Flake Salt”) into “Energy Water”, so that it is “Energy Water Concentrate”

Energy Water Concentrate is approved from USA FDA for safety Test.

Details of the product

Product Type : Beverage
size : 7.0g * 10EA


This energy Celgen water concentrate has same effect on Energy Water. Also, this energy Celgen water concentrate is available to carry and to add any foods

Dosage: possibly supplied to various usage
  • (1) Drinking Water: 2~3 drop / 100 ~120 cc
  • (2) Coffee or Tea: 2~3 drop / 100 ~ 200cc
  • (3) Alcohol: 4 drop / Soju 1 bottle (hangover prevention, takes away the bitter taste)
  • (4) Skin products: 3 drop / 120cc (skin product)
  • (5) Humidifier water: 3 drop / 3 Liter
  • (6) Massage: face
  • (7) Slimming: massage arms, thigh, etc
  • (8) Problems skin: Atopy (add toner and lotion) / Acne (add toner)
  • (9) Halitosis removal: after smoking and taking foods, apply for cleansing
Energy Flake Salt

Energy Flake Salt is a crystallized form of Energy Water. Energy Crystal is a crystallized form of Energy Water. Their functional identity comes from the Know-How of STC Life Science Center.

As Energy water within cells played active role in biochemical process compounds salt, Energy flake salt is changed molecular structures Therefore, this Energy flake salt has same effect on Energy Water.
This Energy Flake salt is not medical supplies, so this energy flake salt does not cure any disease. I will let you know the functions of Energy Water

  • 1. Help to stimulate and activate the cell to return to normalcy and the re-growth of cell
  • 2. Better cellular hydration
  • 3. Improves absorption of nutrients and increases antioxidant activity
  • 4. Stimulates normal cellular metabolism
  • 5. Stabilizes and protects macromolecules of physiologically significant
  • 6. Protects the flow of genetic information


  Dosage Effect
Drinking water Water: salt: 2000ml: 2g  
Smoking Add it a small amount of filter The taste of cigar is smooth
Coffee, tea Coffee(tea): salt: 1000ml: 1g The taste of coffee and tea is smooth
Alcohol Alcohol: salt: 1000ml: 1g Toxic relief
Vegetable & Fruit Water: Salt=1000ml: 1g
After diluting, just put vegetable or
fruit in the diluted water
Removing pesticides and preservatives. It is more effective on
grape and strawberry
Humidifier Water: salt: 1000ml: 1g Suppress bacteria in the humidifier and reduce odor in the room
Plant Water: salt: 1000ml: 1g Plant Growth Promotion
Animal Water: salt: 1000ml: 1g Do not smell of animal droppings
Slimming effect add salt 3g in the water
massage gently
Eye fatigue Water: salt: 100~200ml: 1g Reduce eye fatigue
Athlete’s foot Water: salt: 10ml: 1g Inhibit bacteria
Decayed tooth Water: salt: 1ml: 1g
(Substitute for toothpaste)
Wounds   scars Water: salt: 1ml: 1g
After applying cell balancing products,
massage with this diluted water.
Skin regeneration
Hemorrhoids Water: salt: 20ml:1g
Use warm water
Pain relief
Inflammation relief Water: salt: 200ml:1g
(wet cotton and apply it the face)
Eczema Water: salt= 100:1
Put the feet in the diluted water
Alleviate symptoms