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What is the Energy Water Solution?

Scientifically formulated ENERGY WATER is the key ingredient of all STC Group Cosmetic products.
It controls the anti-aging properties of oxygen-free radicals and helps to improve hydration and absorption of nutrients.
Energy Water is registered with ICID(International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary).
Especially EI Solutions is universal product that popular entertainments such as Drew Barrymore love to used.

What is the ISO- Electric Point Theory?

We have positive ions and negative ions in skin that prevent moisture absolution for protecting our body from nature environment. On the contrary, this function obstructs perfect absorption as you use any cosmetics.

To solve this problem,
EIS, Celgen, Cell97.7 of Cell Balancing Solution Plus and Minus use the Iso-Electirc Point Theory for all products.

The iso electric point (pI) is the pH at which a molecule carries no net electrical charge.
Below the iso-lectric point proteins carry a net positive charge, above it a net negative charge.

Regenerating of skin cell by protein purification process from Amino-acid.
Improving natural hydration by activating Hydrogen ion.
Helping perfect absorption within skin layers through cellular metabolic balance.