Energy water is functional water produced by passing through volcanic rock of several kinds emitting far infrared ray and loadstone holding electromagnetic field and beneficially influences many fields such as the human body, animal, agriculture, and environment. Energy Salt is a functional salt produced from the Energy Water.

Energy Water

This new type of water is similar to the water around or inside healthy cell which can be produced by change of water structure.
Energy Water controls ion balance in body fluid as well as stimulate and activate cells to improve cellular metabolism

Schematic Diagram

(2) Current State of the Technology

Human body consists of water (70%), nutrients (29.5%) and oxygen (5%). Water has more special physical and chemical properties than other materials, such that water maintains transitional polymer form by a week binding of hydrogen bond. In such aspect, binding between molecules of water by hydrogen bond can be recomposed with small energy.

Alternative medicine is a treatment method trying to solve problem beyond disease itself. That is, alternative medicine focuses understanding of a disease rather on overall health condition of a patient than on local symptom of the disease and trying to make an internal condition to enable an organism itself to overcome the disease. Alternative medicine is trying to remove a cause of a disease through diet, massage, supply of nutritious facts, herb and exercise by activating homeostasis of an organism.

Energy Water was produced by electromagnetic power to rearrange water molecule cluster and addition of inorganic ion with pure base rock water. Energy Salt was produced from Energy Water by special know-how of the STC Life. Mass production process of Energy Water and Energy Salt were established.

Application of Energy Water

We have lots of Energy Water clinical data from customers since 1989. There are 3 main parts of application.