Energy Water/ Flake Salt

Energy Flake Salt

optimizes cells as it is infused with Energy Water changing the molecular structure

Characteristics of Energy Flake Salt

Energy Flake Salt changes ordinary water (2H₂O) into (H₃OOH) the most optimal form of water for the human body. This form of water progresses the phenomenon of life through the enhancement and synthesis of nutrients, as well as creating an optimum environment for
vital information (DNA, RNA) to be relayed. As a result, the metabolism of nutrients and functional appeal strengthens the body's ability to self-heal disease.

Energy Flake Salt is not used for the treatment of disease rather is used for the detoxification of the human body

Energy Flake Salt Effects and Directions

Mix salt in ordinary water to change into an ionized drink. The salt diluted water carries the information for enhancement and normalization.
1 Day – Water: Salt = 1000:1 Mix the salt to the following ratio, and for easier consumption take 2L of water and one packet of salt and
drink cold.
Daily Dosage- 7-8 Cups a day

Effects of consumption

  • 1) It is best to drink cold at the first time of consumption due to the taste of the diluted product.
  • 2) Symptoms such as temporary pain or fever may arise, these symptoms are the result of cell optimization and normalization.
  • 3) Similar to clearing rust form a pipe, if cleared for a period of time the pipe will be free of rust.

Understanding Energy Flake Salt

Energy Water Main Attributes

  • · Enhances the healing of wounds and cuts
  • · Strengthens the immune system
  • · Prevention of disease through Homeostasis
  • · Promotion of growth
  • · Enhances immune system through nature-therapy
  • · Removes dandruff and promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth
  • · Enhances pro-biotic
  • · Detoxification of pernicious ingredients (e.g. pesticides, toxic metals, alcohol and nicotine)