Seeking to create the better world to live,
STC is reaching for a 100-year lifespan full of youth and the average lifespan of 120 years.

Founded in 1989, STC established the stem cell research center, gene research center, new drug development center, living science research center, center for agricultural life science, production line cosmetic goods, and, most notably, the Stem Cell Hospital for the first time in the world. Not only that, but we have formed a collaborative relationship with the global MSO for treating incurable disease, and surgical operations such as anti-aging solutions and cosmetic surgery so as to improve people’s quality of life.

STC leads and guides the health of the mankind and the science culture to the right direction through relentless research and development activities in the field of life science. In this regard, STC aims to make a leap towards one of the world’s 10 major biotechnology companies.


(1) STC Research Stages
  • 1. Treated over 10,000cases for stem cell treatment (World largest number of treatment)
  • 2. Established the first pluri-potent adult stem cell in the world
  • 3. world’s first to commercialize stem cell therapy
  • 4. Treatments include those for: auto-immune diseases, spinal damage, neurological disorders, tissue/organ damages, Alzheimer’s,
        Buerger's, Parkinson’s, autism, and cirrhosis, among others
  • 5. Operates the world’s largest umbilical cord blood stem cell bank
  • 6. 108 domestic/overseas patents
  • 7. World first stem cell Clinic
  • 8. Research team at stem cell research center of STC Life co.,ltd found that they could reprogram adult stem cells into an
        embryonic state by compounds from natural products, made by stem cell research center of STC Life (STC2013-F002)