Cell Green Water

The effect of Energy Cell Green Water

Plant nutrition : Plant growth-promotion to improve productivity
  • · Germination promotion
  • · Activation of microorganism
  • · Balance of plant nutrition, metabolism promotion
  • · mprovement of plant hypotonicity, sugar content increase
  • · Cultivation obstacle, Soil acidification prevention
Pathological viewpoint : iological prevention using Induced Systemic Resistance Rhizobacteria (poisonous pathogenic  bacteria decrease), agricultural chemicals toxicity alleviation, dissociation
Immune system action : Strengthening of outside stress
Cell activation : Cell treatment, regeneration strengthening
Germination Rate of Chinese cabbage seed

The improvement of seeding establishment of rice plant by Energy Celgreen Water processing

Germination rate of plant growth by Energy Water

The increase of Rhizosphere microorganisms activity by Energy Water

The use of Induced Systemic Resistance of crop blight by using Energy Water

Induced Systemic Resistance using Rhizobacteria of plant growth-promotion

The effect of plant growth promotion according to
rhizosphere fixation of effective microorganisms by Energy Water

Typical useful microorganism: Bacillus, Pseudomonas, streptomyces, filamentous fungus

The increased effect of antibiotic substance of plant
(Chinese cabbage, red pepper) by using Energy Water